Coronatine Adventures – “New Normal” (Thursday, April 2nd)

It wasn’t obvious to me that when we were sent home due to COVID and then I subsequently was furloughed from work that my entire schedule would change. This might seem rather obvious to you since if I normally spend very little time at home and am now coming up on my second week of “sheltering in place” that things in my life might now operate differently. It wasn’t obvious to me. It wasn’t because I am a highly structured person in general, so I imagined that I would simply take the hours that I would normally work and insert school, food, reading, writing, relaxing, etc. into those hours and that normalcy of sorts would continue.

But let’s be real, ya’ll. Nothing works the same when your whole life changes. I’ve had a hard time sleeping. I’m not hungry during normal eating hours and super hungry when I would normally be sleeping. I’m sluggish in the mornings. I’m having more back pain than usual. I had the most wicked monthly period that put me in either in bed, on the couch, or in a hot bath for two. solid. days.

It’s quite common for me to experience extreme resistance to doing things which I deem soon-to-be-obsolete/a waste of time. Example: Me changing my whole day’s schedule only for COVID to flee the country and me be hired back on to my full time job.

Self says: It’s a lot of work to change a schedule that you are used to, and what if you do all this work and you just have to change it in a few weeks once life returns to normal.

Head says: You could be living like this for a few months – do you really want to stick to something that is clearly not compatible with your life right this moment?

Self says: Brain, you make a good point…

Why my brain and my self are two different entities I have no idea, but I don’t think my heart and my self are the same thing because my heart loves living an optimized life, so I really have no idea what is going on up here ***taps on temporal bone***

Anyway... Definitely on the struggle bus when it comes to making the most of my time. The days are flying by. Today I had to look up what day of the week we are on and was honestly a little shocked that it is already Thursday and my homework is nowhere close to being complete.

So why are you writing a blog post right now?

What a silly question! I am procrastinating. Obviously.

I am also really ridiculously tired of determining muscle groups from photos of dried up, shriveled cadavers that have been peeled into layers. I could honestly live the rest of my life completely cadaver-free and be perfectly content with that. Earlier today I watch a video on the brutality of factory farming, looked at endless photos of peeled cadavers, and ate a chicken salad sandwich all within a short period of time. It was rough. I do not recommend.

In case you were wondering, we humans have a lot of dark meat.

***casually sips smoothie***

I have found over the last two weeks that I have a lot of space in the middle of my day that gets a little… hazy. I never quite know how to break up all those hours between about 9am-6pm (aka the hours when I am usually at work). Like I mentioned before, I am in my everyday life a highly organized, scheduled person which is the reason I am able to be in school, work full time, volunteer, do all the other stuff in my life, AND get 8+ hours of sleep a night. Psst. It involves lots of silent alarms on my smart watch and I have memorize what each buzz means and when they happen.

But I’m no longer in my normal every day life. I haven’t left this house (other than for walks around the neighborhood) in 8 solid days. And I don’t intend to leave again for another 6 days after which I will go pick up another grocery order.

I have to create a new normal, which will be especially critical if this COVID pandemic proceeds for several more months. So I have pushed most of my morning routine closer to the middle of the day and surprisingly it’s help in a lot of ways. My days now look something like this:


  1. Wake up at 7am
  2. Drink water + Make a smoothie
  3. Drink smoothie while reading news, blogs, emails etc.
  4. Put on workout clothes and take a leisurely 3 mile walk while listening to the latest podcasts in my library.
  5. Do homework/read/study until noon.


  1. Make + Eat lunch
  2. Do something I want to do
  3. 2pm – Watch 10% Happier’s live “Sanity Break” online and meditate with whichever teaching is leading that day.
  4. Walk to warm up + Do PT workout routine (by muscle group) for 1 hour
  5. Shower and change out of workout clothes
  6. Make a smoothie at 4pm for snack.

In my normal life, I would get up earlier and I would walk and workout and meditate and shower and change BEFORE heading to the office. And I tried doing that now that I’m home thinking that it would make me more productive, but honestly it made me less productive because I would complete my 3 hour morning routine and then look at 8+ hours and think “There is no way I can spend that many hours studying A&P or writing for Psych” or whatever it was. And yet I was also resistant to the idea of segmenting my entire day by hour (too structured for me). Plus, I’ve recently not been as energetic with working out, which is probably because I no longer have two PT’s breathing down my neck as I sweat and grunt in the gym. In the mornings I was willing to walk the miles, but unwilling to do the strength training. I knew that a solution was to work movement into my entire day, because most everything I do involves sitting for long periods of time and these days I’m really feeling it in my muscles.

To help mitigate some of that I forgo the shower directly after the walk since I tend not to sweat during those walks and postpone it until after I do the midday sweaty muscle workout. That way, that first walk gets me through the morning and that strength workout + the shower in the afternoon keeps me motivated and feeling well through the rest of the day. And then if I need it, I do a “Yoga with Adriene” session before bed.

I’ve never worked from home before, so maybe I’m just dumb and everyone else has already realized the wonders of breaking up their day with workout sessions and showers, but hey! If you’re like me, and you’ve gotten into a little bit of a coronatine funk and are looking for something new to try – I highly recommend the midday workout+shower+smoothie routine.

***slurps the last of smoothie***

You’re welcome in advance.

With love and gratitude,

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