Coronatine Adventures – “Let’s play a game” (Friday, April 3rd)

It’s called “Name that disgusting pastry filling”

Have you heard of it before?

Here’re some hints: The filling is blackish. It feels gritty between my teeth. And it’s bitter as all get out.

I feel really bad because these Kolaches were a gift from a friend, but – oh my word – I cannot get the nasty taste outta my mouth!


Here’s a little visual helper for you

Tonights mood: Sam Smith

Usually it’s Beyonce, but tonight with all the thunderstorms – I need all the feels.

I’ve got brown beans simmering on the stove and a fresh pone of cornbread in the oven. Homemade cinnamon rolls cut and ready for breakfast in the morning. Life is good.

But school is annoying. I’ve hit a weird little slump. Back before all this virus nonsense happened I was having sincere doubts about the quality of my Anatomy&Physiology class, but now that we are 100% online instead of only 80% I am loathing the class even more. It’s not the subject – don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I need to be able to have more than just a computer screen to look at in order to learn this material. I need a lab. I paid extra to have a lab. And because of Coronavirus I no longer have a lab. The homework is killing me and the tests are not like the material that we have in either homework, quizzes, or labs, so I get into the tests and get confused and second guess myself. For example: We don’t have a cadaver lab as part of this class and yet we are expected to be able to label musculature on a cadaver??? They didn’t even provide us with directional terms like lateral or medial side just “here’s a piece of a human – good luck!” Believe me, musculature looks very different on a model than it does on a photo of a dried cadaver… And the system will only tell you if you got it right or wrong – not why. UGH.

Also, our school requires us to not only use a lockdown browser for tests, but also to use a program called HonorLock, which requires us to video our testing environment and then uses the webcam to WATCH you the entire test and then they RATE you on how well you are “paying attention”. Excuse me, but don’t give me a poor attention grade because I looked away from my exams. That does not mean I am cheating! Our professor delayed giving us our most recent test grades back for lab and lecture because she said she needed “to review several of the HonorLock videos.”

I can drop the class between now and Sunday, but it’s not like they are going to give me my money back so I might as well finish out the semester as planned. Also, my teacher is… not a very good teacher so I won’t be taking her for the second round of this.

Speaking of next semester, I will most likely not take any summer classes because I won’t know if I will even have the money to pay for them since I don’t know if I will have a job in June when classes start. And our school has already notified everyone that ALL summer classes will be entirely online and online classes only work for certain subjects. Not that I would ever attempt to take an A&P class as a summer minimester. That would be intellectual suicide…

Speaking of money. Who ARE all of the people filing for unemployment that the news is speaking of??? I can’t even make it to the filing process! I get to the third page of the online filing process and then it boots me to a little page that says “In order to best serve you, please call our customer service department at this number: **********” And when you call that number all you get is the dial tone. So I got online looking for FAQ pages for answers and it looks like the online chat helper people are telling people mixed messages just like I’m getting. They tell you to go online because the customer service people are overwhelmed, and when you try to do it online the system crashes unless you try at like 6am, but even then you can only get so far! Once you check the box that your unemployment is COVID related it tells you that you have to call in order to complete the process. BUT THEY DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE AND THEY WON’T LET YOU STAY ON HOLD BECAUSE THE “QUEUE IS TOO LONG!”

***bangs head on table***

Also the Texas Workforce site reminds you over and over again that you won’t be paid retroactively (is that the right word?). So for every day that passes that you don’t file you just don’t get unemployment benefits for those days. Never mind that you’ve been trying to file for 5 solid days.


This is one of those instances where I just have to let it be. There isn’t much I can do but keep trying and hope for the best and not get too hung up on getting any unemployment benefits.

Thank goodness for the emergency fund.

Oh honey, I have the Crazy Rich Asians movie ready to be watched for the millionth time and I am all about it. I ain’t stressin about about deadly viruses and unemployment. Nah!

In case you’re in need of a hilarious flick to read during the Coronatine – I highly recommend the book by the same title. Love Kevin Kwan’s satirical novels.

Bye for now!

With gratitude and a tiny bit of annoyance,

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