Coronatine Adventures – “I did not get COVID” – (Wednesday, May 13th)

… but it is the last day of my finals AND the day before my birthday!

Over the last month or so I couldn’t bring myself to do this narration thing that I do here on the blog. I had plenty to say, yes, simply no desire to say it. I felt like being quiet for a while. And without the constant chatter of social media in my life, and the inability to leave my house due to COVID, and the fact that my roommate consistently stays up all night and sleeps all day – my life has been really quiet. And it’s been really nice. Like “livin’ my best life” kinda nice.

A couple weeks ago, though, when it became apparent that I would never be released from my furlough status at work and I need to accept that I was now unemployed, I decided to peace out from my city and finish out the semester and what was left of quarantine in another part of Texas where my parents and most of my siblings live. And although I’m not alone here, it’s still a nice kind of quiet here full of dips in the pool, and lattes, working on schoolwork on the veranda, or playing with my little sister. Thankfully our state has started to come back to life, but it’s also quite easy to never leave the house out here. I’m definitely more of a “be-er” than a “do-er”. I am perfectly content to chill with a book and a latte, and it doesn’t take much to keep me entertained.

School wrapped up quite nicely and I should pull through with an “A” in both Psychology and Anatomy & Physiology, which is exciting. A&P is a labor intensive class, for sure. If you’re wanting to do well in that class you have to budget 15-20 hours per week just for studying and homework – that doesn’t count class or lab time. My version of A&P was a hybrid so it was already 80% online before the Coronatine even hit. Really the only thing I missed out on was the 3.5 hour lab that I went to on the weekends. A&P is no joke. It’s a lot of OChem and memorizing, and trying to complete it without models from lab was not easy. I used a lot of YouTube videos and drew on whiteboards a lot, haha.

Unfortunately not everyone had the time, made the time, or had the willingness to put into A&P, though, because there has been a case opened against several students in my class for cheating on exams. All of our exams are proctored by a program called HonorLock (an invasion of my privacy, but I realize that they don’t want cheaters to pass…) that records your screen and your face via your webcam while you work. Apparently… some of the students forgot somehow that there is a test proctor who can see and HEAR everything that is happening during your test and they did all sorts of things to cheat of the exams during the semester. (((Rolls Eyes))) WHY would you do that?? Why would you risk getting caught?? Also, cheating through A&P 1 is going to require you to cheat during A&P 2 as well since you’re not going to have a good grasp on the material for the next section of the class! Insane.

Anyway, I didn’t have anything brilliant to say, just wanted to say “hi” and that I’m still alive and well. I’m off to find a snack, make a latte, and read a book on the Danish secrets to happy living!

With Grace and Gratitude,

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