Coronatine Adventures – “The sun is shining” (Monday, May 18th)

It’s such a nice day out today. Although to be honest… even when it rained the last few days it still seemed nice out. I wrapped up my first two prerequisite classes (Anatomy & Physiology and General Psychology) last week which has been blessings on blessings. It felt good to complete my first semester on my way to my Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) licensure. I won’t lie, though, the classes are not cheap. I mean, they’re cheap because I’m taking them at a community college, but they’re also not as cheap as they could be because I won’t have residency here in Texas until mid September, which means that I can’t even get in-state tuition for the fall semester. Unfortunate!

I talked with my PTA advisor last week and she said I still lack 4 classes for my application to the program:

  • Anatomy & Physiology 2
  • Medical Terminology
  • Intro to the Profession (this may be a 1-2 credit hour course)
  • …and a mysterious Creative Arts class

I find it VERY hard to believe that I still lack a creative arts class considering all of the classes that I took in undergrad. If they end up making me take another because of some state differences in education I’m gonna take something useful like photography. Now that would be a fun class.

Fun little fact: The PTA program said to budget 30 hours a week for classes, labs, and clinicals – and another 30 hours for studying and homework. It should be interesting to see how I work working into that schedule.

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