Coronatine Adventures – “Big, fat life lemons” (Wednesday, May 20th)

In the 5 minutes that it takes me to walk to the community mailbox tower and back I could already feel a full body sweat breaking out. It’s a blood blistering 95 degrees here already and I kid you not if feels as if I have walked into an oven every time I step out my door. Did I mention that the A/C went out in my car sometime during the Coronatine, too? Yes, it’s most unfortunate… And yet… the entire lawn care team is outside right now with not a single inch of skin showing. How are they not dying of heat stroke?

Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning the house, sorting through cluttered spaces, reordering the furniture, and hanging pictures, shelves, and plants. I felt as if I could not proceed with life until I got my house in order. It’s not quite there since I still need a reading lamp and some large plants for my room, but it’s certainly looking better. It’s more inspiring in here. More homey.

This entire townhouse is a deep shade of baby poop and since the trim and the doors are a similarly repulsive shade I am hoping that adding white objects and green plant will make the rooms seem just a tad bit brighter. My roommate claims that the color isn’t all that bad. It’s bad. After all these years of renting I have decided that white walls are truly the only way to go.

In other news, I’m still furloughed from my full time job. And after an email I received a week or so ago, I don’t believe I will be re-employed anytime soon. So I am now trying to find a new job, figure out how to complete my prerequisites before the end of 2020, and get back on track with my volunteer work/observation hours – all while not running out of money. It’s making me feel rather…manic. I couldn’t fall asleep until 2am last night and I feel like I could run laps around my house right now. I’ve been through all the phases of grief over my job, my work team, and all the effort I put into my observation hours (which thanks to COVID have been put on hold until at least late September.) As it turns out, clinics aren’t too happy about volunteers and students during a pandemic so now I’m going to have to hope and pray that I can still get the required hours for my application.

This next year should be interesting. I’m definitely going to get to sharpen my problem solving solving skills because I feel as if life handed me a barrel of monkeys and asked me to untangle them and train them for the circus. Or like those fat life lemons where you cut them open and the lemon is like 80% rind.

Speaking of lemons. A tall Arnold Palmer is just what this heat needs. Here’s the easy peasy version I like.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 1/2 cups of strong-brewed, Texas-sweet tea of choice (I like black)
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup water
  • A tall glass filled with ice

Pour the liquids over the ice and swizzle with a long straw. Enjoy.

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