Coronatine Adventures – “I’m not saying it’s a no, but…” (Tuesday, May 26th)

…it’s certainly not a “yes”, and it’s most definitely a “not right now”, which means what exactly am I supposed to do with myself??

I’ve been wracking my brains to try and figure out how to keep myself busy with each passing day of the discouraging job market (I have been invited to interview for a job later this week, which should be fun) and the disappearance of my school advisor, which means that I still don’t have permission to register for Summer classes. Self, what am I supposed to do with you? There is only so much house cleaning, gardening, baking, and puzzling that a girl can do before she gets a little… bored.

So, I thought I would reorder my volunteer schedule since my service from the spring was terminated due to the pandemic and then postponed until late September.

Do you have any idea how far away that is? I made a list of all of the places approved by my Physical Therapy Assisting (PTA) program for service in the Physical Therapy (PT) field. It’s a way for us to serve while proving to the program that we understand exactly what we are getting ourselves into. We’re required to log 60+ hours with doctors in various areas of PT such as acute care, long-term, pediatric etc.

It’s actually a lot of fun, and it’s encouraging to see the various ways in which PTAs assist the doctors and what they are capable of doing, but… dear, sweet COVID ***sarcasm** is ruining everything and I have called, emailed, and applied and everything is postponed until closer to the end of the year. How nice would it have been to have a helpful and exploratory diversion while I slog through the reemployment process?

In all my years of moving and changing job, never have I ever seen such a dismal pool of job options. If “Fence Laborer” doesn’t pan out for me I could always be a “Vibe Protector” for the local pool/resort down the street. Their website likens them to “Vegas”, so I’m betting you could contract an STI from putting your toe in one of those pools over there. So when my neighbors on my left and right aren’t flicking the feet of their cigars or their beer cans over our 7ft privacy fence I get to hear the sound of summer debauchery down the road. Yay me.

In other news, I made @shutthekaleup’s Sweet Potato Snacking Bread this afternoon AND I borrowed The Help from the library the other day so that I can re-read it for the tenth-ish time. Also, (heads up, Mom) if I can’t have a gym, a job, an online class, or a church service I’m most likely not going to make it another week in this alone-alone state that I am currently in so I will be driving back across Texas. Being alone is great and all but it doesn’t seem like the greatest use of my carbon at this point.

An icy version of a Golden Milk Latte to help you beat the summer heat is coming to a blog near you…tomorrow! I may or may not have gotten turmeric on my light denim jumpsuit while making one this morning…

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