Recipe! The Golden Shake (aka the Summer tilt on a Golden Latte)

I swear I think the rain storms here in Texas are more fearsome than any I have ever experienced. It’s been storming for hours now and the thunder crashes are so intense I find myself moving to cover my ears. Not to mention that the hail sounds like a gang has teamed up to throw rocks at my house. It’s like a war outside. All the while I had to leave my baby squash plants out there in the yard to fend for themselves…

But with rain comes a solid drop in the temperature and although I like the heat I like a nice cool breeze, too. And speaking of coolness I’m a huge fan of having a wide variety of drink options to sip on while I study, read, or work. And I’m particularly fond of drink options that can be served either hot or cold depending on the day.

So let’s do this:

Here’s what you’ll need for a chill, tropical version of a Golden Latte.

Golden Shake

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend on high until smooth and enjoy with a straw.

I used to make my own golden milk mix from turmeric and other spices, but to be honest I just like this one by MyKind Organics better than any homemade version I have made in the past. If you are a massive consumer of golden milk then it might be worth it for you to buy the ingredients in bulk, but I’ll just warn you that the ingredients aren’t cheap and it’s worth it to simply buy all the ingredients in a mix like this. I especially like that this one includes some extras like ashwagandha (a helpful herb for hormone balance).

I hope you all have had a nice Wednesday!

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