Baby Steps

Anyone else feel like the Coronavirus “thing” is over? I mean, I know it’s not over, but eventually we have to move on with our lives and do whatever it is that we need to get back out there. I realize that’s not exactly the case for every state and every country, but Texas has definitely begun to come back to life… and I’m ready for it. I stayed home for months, but in the end I need a job and my immune system probably needs a workout, too, after being protected for so long.

I managed to get the rest of the 2020 school year all figured out. My advisor has gone MIA (I’m hoping that she is just out of town and something tragic has not happened to her since she is usually so easy to reach), but I managed to find several other people on campus who could get me the overrides I needed to register. As it turns out, I needed special permission to register for Anatomy & Physiology II (A&P II) and I was trying to register for the wrong Medical Terminology class which is why it kept giving me an error code every time I tried to register. Oops.

So, I registered for one class in the Summer (it starts tomorrow – online) and two in the Fall (A&P II and Medical Terminology), which means that if all goes well I will have my class requirements to apply for the Physical Therapy Assisting (PTA) program in the Spring of 2021. Woot! I don’t yet have a new job, but I went ahead and paid for my Summer tuition, then put together a guesstimate of what my Fall tuition + books/materials might look like, and immediately whisked that money out of my checking account and into my school savings account so that regardless of what happens with my income situation I will still have money to pay my tuition come July 15th when everything is due. I won’t be “in-state” in the eyes of the school until September, so I still need to get in contact with someone about how to ensure that I will get in-state as soon as I possibly can.

There are certainly many barriers to entry for this program. And the barriers seem to increase in height when you work full time to support yourself. I honestly am not sure how I am going to swing working full time and completing all of the observation hours that they are asking of me. Going to have to do some major planning + problem solving to figure out the logistics of all that. I may have to find a less demanding job and budget my money differently. To be seen.

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