Recipe! The Golden Shake (aka the Summer tilt on a Golden Latte)

I swear I think the rain storms here in Texas are more fearsome than any I have ever experienced. It's been storming for hours now and the thunder crashes are so intense I find myself moving to cover my ears. Not to mention that the hail sounds like a gang has teamed up to throw rocks at my house. It's like a war outside. All the while I had to leave my baby squash plants out there in the yard to fend for themselves...

How to Make a Tea Latte (plus two of my fav recipes)

In my previous life I was a marketing coordinator/social media manager for a large online retailer of bulk herbs and teas. Part of my job was coordinating weekly blog posts. And part of that part of the job was writing new content for the blog. Probably my favorite part of the job. I wrote a post on tea lattes back then and I thought you might enjoy an interruption of the usual content on here for some tea latte recipes. Are you craving something warm and frothy, but not quite up for coffee today? If so, then you're welcome in advance.

Food-Based Face Masks for Acne Prone Skin

Here are my top four food-based face masks that I developed for my acne prone skin. I use face masks predominately in the luteal phase of my menstrual cycle when I know that my body is trying to discharge any extra estrogen before I start my period. For me, my skin is often oily during my luteal phase, so I use two masks a week until I start my period and I've found that this regimen works well for my skin.