Self Care on a Budget

Since I can no longer afford luxurious activities such as trips to the day spa as part of my self care routine (although I miss those days of steam rooms and massages dearly), I am taking the time to remind myself today that I don't need to spend any money in order to chill and recharge after a long week.

How do I get off the couch?

I do wear one of those fancy FitBits, though, which means I at least have some sort of aspiration to exercise. I go to the park across the street a couple times a week to "get my steps in". There I see young people and old people and couples and dogs and even kids jogging along looking all glowy with the sweat of a fit person, and I think to myself, "It must be nice to be so strong and awesome like that." I get uber jealous of runners sometimes.


The day that I consumed half a gallon of ice cream was the day that my friend Kirsten said it was "time to do something.” And by "do something" she meant change something about my life... To say that the last two months have been difficult for me is to put it lightly. These last … Continue reading Tell.