Baby Steps

Anyone else feel like the Coronavirus "thing" is over? I mean, I know it's not over, but eventually we have to move on with our lives and do whatever it is that we need to get back out there. I realize that's not exactly the case for every state and every country, but Texas has … Continue reading Baby Steps

Coronatine Adventures – “Separate but Connected” (Sunday, March 29th)

I strongly dislike this "social distancing" phrase that is thrown about everywhere as if we are all social pariahs due to this virus. We are indeed physically distanced, but we are not socially distanced. There is certainly a distinction between the two. We might be keeping our airspace clear during this time, but we are … Continue reading Coronatine Adventures – “Separate but Connected” (Sunday, March 29th)

Coronatine Adventures – "Get Moving" (Sunday, March 22nd)

When I workout at the Physical Therapy gym I get to look myself in the eye in a floor to ceiling mirror while doing some of the sequences. A couple weeks ago during a particularly difficult session, my mental strength was really starting to slip as my heart was pounding and sweat was dripping and I was getting just a tad bit dizzy from not breathing properly. In the mirror I could see my male PT (I have a female one I see as well) coming up behind me as I started to "cheat" more and more with each rep. I thought he would call me out instantly, but instead he dead eyed me in the mirror.