Unsteady Uproot – “To ski or not to ski” (Wednesday, January 8th)

You haven't lived until you've jogged out into the snow at 29 degrees in your bare feet and swimsuit to take part in an afternoon jacuzzi soak while basking in the glow of the rocky mountains. My little sister and I had a girl's day so we built a puzzle, listened to music, soaked in … Continue reading Unsteady Uproot – “To ski or not to ski” (Wednesday, January 8th)

Unsteady Uproot – “Love at first stretch” (Wednesday, June 26th)

A bouquet of tulips held up against a mural painted like a sunset over a farm.

I first fell in love with the magical field of physical therapy when I was a teen barely beginning my undergraduate education. I was experiencing some unfortunate repercussions from my childhood back injury and had reached out to a local chiropractor for help. I wasn't making much progress with her so she referred me to a local exercise physiologist who specialized in injury recovery. I checked his credentials and he held a degree in kinesiology.

How do I get off the couch?

I do wear one of those fancy FitBits, though, which means I at least have some sort of aspiration to exercise. I go to the park across the street a couple times a week to "get my steps in". There I see young people and old people and couples and dogs and even kids jogging along looking all glowy with the sweat of a fit person, and I think to myself, "It must be nice to be so strong and awesome like that." I get uber jealous of runners sometimes.