Unsteady Uproot – “Blasé” (Friday, September 13th)

I get up around six and walk until my Fitbit beeps “2 miles”. I grab the paper from the holder and head inside to stretch and listen to podcasts until my lovely host family wakes up. She grabs the cereal and I warm the muffins. He pours the milk and I brew the coffee. We say our usual “good mornings and how did you sleeps”, but before long we’re deep into our breakfasts and our pick of the various puzzles in the newspaper. They are more of a “word puzzle” type of couple – I more of a "numbers puzzle" kind of person, so while they unscramble words and devise phrases to describe a featured cartoon, I solve the daily Sudoku.

Nine Dollars.

I wrote this on March 14th, but ultimately decided to wait a while before I shared it with you all. It's definitely emotionally charged and a personal look into my brain, so I wanted to give myself a little space before I talked about it all. That time has passed and now I'm ready to share my experience with March 14, 2019. Maybe you've had an experience of this sort in your own life?


I wrote this WEEKS ago, but never got around to putting it up on the blog. It was dark and sleeting and we were bumping along the highway in a giant truck while pulling a trailer and...I started writing this to help pass the time. But I got suuuuper sleepy, and was yawning, and bleary-eyed, and we were getting major feedback from the empty 20 foot trailer behind us so it was the craziest most random jumble of thoughts in a Word Document. Hopefully its in some semblance of order now. Enjoy. 


How I am still afloat on this part-time job income is beyond me. When you add up rent, utilities, gas for the house, internet, insurance of all kinds, medical bills, car care, various living expenses, and food+car gas, my logical brain says... There is NO way that this math is gonna work out... and yet I persist.


The day that I consumed half a gallon of ice cream was the day that my friend Kirsten said it was "time to do something.” And by "do something" she meant change something about my life... To say that the last two months have been difficult for me is to put it lightly. These last … Continue reading Tell.