Unsteady Uproot “So, what brings you to town?” (Wednesday, October 2nd)

I could talk for like an hour about how I thought about this this and this and that is why I ended up in this town, but honestly it was kinda a whim. It was a random connection that my family made who passed that connection onto my sister who passed it onto me. And that new connection was a stranger but they offered me a bed for a little bit while I got on my feet. There was a PTA school here, yes, and the school was on my list, yes, but other than that I was truly walking blind here.

Unsteady Uproot – “Elasta-Girl” (Tuesday, September 24th)

Call me Elasta-Girl because I am just THAT flexible. Nothing can bend me outta shape! SIKE. I think if there is one piece of advice that I would offer to any person trying to make massive changes in their life it would be this: make plans, but expect them to change. As you go through hourly, daily, weekly decisions things will happen that will cause you to have to make changes to your plans.

Unsteady Uproot – “Emergency Dismount!” (Thursday, September 12th)

If you’re still struggling with a visual because you don’t spend much time around horses just keep in mind that I am 5’8” and if I am standing at the horses’ shoulders I struggle to see over them. You have a 150lb person sitting on a VERY tall horse riding along when all of a sudden your instructor yells “EMERGENCY DISMOUNT!!!” and within 2 seconds you have that same 150lb person hurtling towards you and you have to pull them off and away from the horse in one fell swoop.

Unsteady Uproot “The parental’s house” (August 13th, Tuesday)

It's rainy and I'm showered and I made the most delish, frothy latte from a Tanzanian Peaberry espresso shot + homemade hemp milk (who AM I?). But I'm slightly stressed from life, my back is killing me, I'm late for my period, and I'm as bloaty as a preggo (definitely not preggo), so here I … Continue reading Unsteady Uproot “The parental’s house” (August 13th, Tuesday)