Coronatine Adventures – “The virtual doc visit. Say wut??” (Wednesday, March 25th)

Honestly, despite everything, it's been a really great day so far. The sun is shining and it's 90+ degrees outside. I've got my houseplants sunning on a ledge and a stack of chocolate chip cookies at my disposal. I've got smooth jazz in the background, my favorite candle beside me, and I can study for … Continue reading Coronatine Adventures – “The virtual doc visit. Say wut??” (Wednesday, March 25th)

Coronatine Adventures – "Get Moving" (Sunday, March 22nd)

When I workout at the Physical Therapy gym I get to look myself in the eye in a floor to ceiling mirror while doing some of the sequences. A couple weeks ago during a particularly difficult session, my mental strength was really starting to slip as my heart was pounding and sweat was dripping and I was getting just a tad bit dizzy from not breathing properly. In the mirror I could see my male PT (I have a female one I see as well) coming up behind me as I started to "cheat" more and more with each rep. I thought he would call me out instantly, but instead he dead eyed me in the mirror.

Unsteady Uproot – “The Slump” (Monday, October 14th)

All this newness has been weighing on me. Don't get me wrong, things are great - really great - but in the end all the changes and the "not having a place to call my own" is doing some damage. Definitely feeling some sadness and anxiety about everything. Speaking of new things, I absolutely HATE that I have to pay to drive on roads around here... And the longer you stay on that particular road the more they charge you! I have GOT to get one of those toll passes.

Unsteady Uproot – “Emergency Dismount!” (Thursday, September 12th)

If you’re still struggling with a visual because you don’t spend much time around horses just keep in mind that I am 5’8” and if I am standing at the horses’ shoulders I struggle to see over them. You have a 150lb person sitting on a VERY tall horse riding along when all of a sudden your instructor yells “EMERGENCY DISMOUNT!!!” and within 2 seconds you have that same 150lb person hurtling towards you and you have to pull them off and away from the horse in one fell swoop.