Unsteady Uproot – “Love, me” (Thursday-Friday, September 5th-6th)

There is always some level of grieving that happens in me each time I pack up and leave some town or even simply move farther away so that I know it will be more difficult and costly for me to visit. It's strange, I know, because the time was so brief (9 months) but each … Continue reading Unsteady Uproot – “Love, me” (Thursday-Friday, September 5th-6th)


I wrote this WEEKS ago, but never got around to putting it up on the blog. It was dark and sleeting and we were bumping along the highway in a giant truck while pulling a trailer and...I started writing this to help pass the time. But I got suuuuper sleepy, and was yawning, and bleary-eyed, and we were getting major feedback from the empty 20 foot trailer behind us so it was the craziest most random jumble of thoughts in a Word Document. Hopefully its in some semblance of order now. Enjoy. 

True to you.

I always seem to lose it on the therapy couch. There is something about a safe space, a neutral third-party, and a fresh box of tissues that just makes me… tell the truth. I tell the truth with my thoughts, my emotions, and my words. Tell the truth. Tell the truth. Tell the truth. Tell the truth.