Unsteady Uproot – “Texas Winter” (Monday, February 10th)

I have just slathered my face with one of my favorite charcoal masks so while I wait for my face to harden I thought I would pop on here for a minute. I seriously hope no one is one here for some thought out, properly grammar-tized posts...cuz I gotta be honest. I write all day for work and all evening for school and my caringness level for perfection is just real low. (I have a scavenger hunt for you: count the number of time I use the word just in this post)

Unsteady Uproot – “To ski or not to ski” (Wednesday, January 8th)

You haven't lived until you've jogged out into the snow at 29 degrees in your bare feet and swimsuit to take part in an afternoon jacuzzi soak while basking in the glow of the rocky mountains. My little sister and I had a girl's day so we built a puzzle, listened to music, soaked in … Continue reading Unsteady Uproot – “To ski or not to ski” (Wednesday, January 8th)

Nine Dollars.

I wrote this on March 14th, but ultimately decided to wait a while before I shared it with you all. It's definitely emotionally charged and a personal look into my brain, so I wanted to give myself a little space before I talked about it all. That time has passed and now I'm ready to share my experience with March 14, 2019. Maybe you've had an experience of this sort in your own life?

Welcome to your mind…

The day that you finally muster up the courage to meditate is the day that a long list of your shortcomings as a human becomes stapled to your forehead. You sit there awkwardly on the cold hardwood in your stretchy pants (because you assume that a hard, uncomfortable surface and unrestrictive pants are gonna get you that much closer to becoming a real mediator) gathering your courage as you resolve to sit - in silence, and without moving - for the next 5 minutes. No text messages. No IG cares to give. No nagging work assignments. Just you and your thoughts.

Self Care on a Budget

Since I can no longer afford luxurious activities such as trips to the day spa as part of my self care routine (although I miss those days of steam rooms and massages dearly), I am taking the time to remind myself today that I don't need to spend any money in order to chill and recharge after a long week.