I wrote this WEEKS ago, but never got around to putting it up on the blog. It was dark and sleeting and we were bumping along the highway in a giant truck while pulling a trailer and...I started writing this to help pass the time. But I got suuuuper sleepy, and was yawning, and bleary-eyed, and we were getting major feedback from the empty 20 foot trailer behind us so it was the craziest most random jumble of thoughts in a Word Document. Hopefully its in some semblance of order now. Enjoy. 

Welcome to your mind…

The day that you finally muster up the courage to meditate is the day that a long list of your shortcomings as a human becomes stapled to your forehead. You sit there awkwardly on the cold hardwood in your stretchy pants (because you assume that a hard, uncomfortable surface and unrestrictive pants are gonna get you that much closer to becoming a real mediator) gathering your courage as you resolve to sit - in silence, and without moving - for the next 5 minutes. No text messages. No IG cares to give. No nagging work assignments. Just you and your thoughts.

Self Care on a Budget

Since I can no longer afford luxurious activities such as trips to the day spa as part of my self care routine (although I miss those days of steam rooms and massages dearly), I am taking the time to remind myself today that I don't need to spend any money in order to chill and recharge after a long week.