The Unsteady Uproot – “Opening Credits” (Tuesday, June 18th)

Early morning sunrise in the south.

There's something both awe inspiring and ghastly about people who complete some difficult task or reach some incredible goal. It's as if they are firmly planted on some high mountain while I grapple in the rocks wondering how they made it to the top. The hero or heroine says to all who ask about their ultimate success: "Yeah, it wasn't easy. There were issues along the way. Highs and low. But in the end I kept going and it all worked out."

I’m Back! (My thoughts after my social media hiatus)

Red-haired female staring at camera with a slight smile and chin on hand.

I'm no stranger to digital detoxes. I'm one of those weirdos that shuts her phone off at like 8:30, often leaves it locked in the console of her car, and has been known to airplane mode it and shove it in a drawer on the regular. I mean, people have survived without these addictive devices for centuries - surely I can survive without mine for a few hours or overnight. And I do. I survive quite well without the blasted thing.