Unsteady Uproot – “Winter Wonderland” (Tuesday, January 7th)

10,000ft elevation is NO joke. And even though I was in Denver for the weekend I have still be feeling pretty winded and headachey. I highly recommend buying yourself some squished oxygen - aka those mini tanks of compressed air that you can sip on while you acclimate. It's like $15 a can, but it's honestly helped temper some of the panic I have felt over not being able to breathe well. According to Google Alma, CO is in the highest elevation in the United States that has permanent residents. Yeah. It's that high up there.

Unsteady Uproot – “Welcome to Colorado!” (Sunday, January 5th)

Whenever I travel, I try my hardest to meet up with friends as I journey to my final destination. Sometimes this means meeting up with a friend for lunch during a long drive or adding an extended layover to a flight journey. This time around I knew that my final destination would end up at … Continue reading Unsteady Uproot – “Welcome to Colorado!” (Sunday, January 5th)

Unsteady Uproot – “Trains, Planes, and Buses” (Saturday, January 4th)

When I was little one of the first things that my parents ever taught me about safety was to never ever ever get into the vehicle of a stranger. And yet here I am in 2020 looking at my Lyft app as my driver gets closer and closer and closer to my pickup location. I'm standing out on the sidewalk with a backpack on my back, suitcase by my side, and an icy cold kombucha in my hand. It's 8:30am. Let's do this thing.

Unsteady Uproot – “To ski or not to ski” (Wednesday, January 8th)

You haven't lived until you've jogged out into the snow at 29 degrees in your bare feet and swimsuit to take part in an afternoon jacuzzi soak while basking in the glow of the rocky mountains. My little sister and I had a girl's day so we built a puzzle, listened to music, soaked in … Continue reading Unsteady Uproot – “To ski or not to ski” (Wednesday, January 8th)

Unsteady Uproot – “The Slump” (Monday, October 14th)

All this newness has been weighing on me. Don't get me wrong, things are great - really great - but in the end all the changes and the "not having a place to call my own" is doing some damage. Definitely feeling some sadness and anxiety about everything. Speaking of new things, I absolutely HATE that I have to pay to drive on roads around here... And the longer you stay on that particular road the more they charge you! I have GOT to get one of those toll passes.